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          November 3, 2002

Scouting the Swift River

Though the paddling season is over, kayaking is still in my mind.  A crew of us headed out to the Swift River Falls to check out some potential takeouts and put ins.  Over the summer I worked in several blocks along the banks of the river, so we headed out to those blocks to scope the access.  What a beautiful afternoon away from the fog.  The last few weeks the weather held Quesnel prisoner in a fog bank.  We escaped the fog en route to the river.  Ice was starting to form, even along the edges of the falls themselves.  It looked like a good area for crampons in a few months.  Immediately after the falls are about 800 metres of rapids, followed by mellow water.  Definitely some possibilities for some fun rapids.  The more mellow section would be ideal for a Wild Chickadee Adventure!  Next scouting trip is to find a takeout upstream of Lightening Creek on the Swift.    




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