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Quesnel River

The entire length of the river is navigable.  The Quesnel has a section for every paddler.  From gentle Class I to bouncy Class IV.  There are two sections that I take my classes on, both of these can be divided into smaller sections for a shorter run.

The Upper Section starts from a beautiful spot on the river.  The section is fairly remote and makes you feel as though there is no others around for miles.  There are lots of small waves that you can choose to run or scoot around if desired.  This piece is quite scenic and definitely recommended when the other rivers are too low to run.  You can take out at Beaver Mouth Creek or continue down to the Gravelle Ferry Bridge.  If you paddle both sections allow for about 4-6 hours on the river as the shuttle is 24 kms long for this entire run.  After the Beaver Mouth is a large ledge spanning most of the width of the river.  The is a clean wave train on the left that is a fun line.  This feature is easily portaged for those less daring.  The rest of the run is very slow and gentle except for one small wave train and an unexpected canyon of solid rock.  The river continues to meander and is divided by several islands along the way to the take out.  All major flows around the islands are Class I. 

The second run shares it's put in with the take-out for the Quesnel Canyon.  The Quesnel Canyon is a bouncy Class III section with tons of huge surf for intermediate boaters.  At the put in of the novice run is a boulder garden.  Paddlers not comfortable with Class II waves are not suitable for this rapid.  The rest of the run following this rapid is easy Class I with a few Class II waves.  The run continues into town and takes out at Ceal Tingly Park.  Paddlers can wave to joggers along the river walk as they are sure to be the centre of attention as they approach town.  Allow at least 4 hours for this run, 4x4 required.   



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