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We are located south of Quesnel, near Dragon Lake, 660 kilometres north of Vancouver.  Quesnel is in the northern part of the Cariboo Region in Central British Columbia, Canada.

Access is possible by car or on the Greyhound Bus, BCRail or Air Canada (Air BC Regional). 

Quesnel, at 488 metres, has a yearly snowfall of 166 centimetres.  In July the average temperature is 16.9 Celsius (62.4 F) and -10.4 Celsius (13.2 F) in January.  The summers are pleasantly warm without getting too hot.  The temperature of the rivers vary, the ones that receive glacial run off are a little chilly all year, though other rivers of smaller volumes warm up in June.  The white winters are quite mild with periodic cold snaps.  Between December and March you are sure to find an abundance of snow.

You can expect to explore areas like Eaglet Lake, the Cottonwood River and the Blackwater River routes that early explorers such as Alexander Mackenzie and 19th century gold seekers traveled.  Depending on your interests, trips range from rolling plateau to the West and rugged Cariboo Mountains to the East.

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