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What does Wild Chickadee Adventures do?

WCA provides women with the opportunity to learn or further develop skills for rock climbing and whitewater kayaking. 

Why choose Wild Chickadee Adventures?

WCA allows women to learn new skills without intimidation, fear or testosterone.   Courses are flexible and designed so that everyone improves at their own pace.  These adventures allow you to spend time with your friends because you choose who you would like to join you in these adventures.  The group sizes are limited to four to ensure that you will get the instructor attention you need to develop these new skills.  All you have to do is concentrate on having fun. 

Wild Chickadee Adventures follows strict safety procedures and incorporates low impact, sustainable practices to protect the environment. 

Who goes on Wild Chickadee Adventures?

Any woman who likes to have fun and enjoy the outdoors or  anyone who wants to try something new.  She may be between the ages of 15 and 80, though she should be moderately fit. 

How do I Book and When can I Come?

Contact Wild Chickadee Adventures to arrange for information on a package that interests you.  The summer season runs from mid May to mid September .

You can expect to pay approximately $95 per day, per guest and $25 per evening.   Prices may vary depending on the size of the group and what services are desired. 

Terms and Conditions:  50 % non-refundable deposit is required upon booking.  A refund may only be available if a substitute participant is found.  An alternative date may be set with 30 days notice.  The price of your package will be included when you receive the details of your individualized adventure.

What do I need to bring?

A love of the outdoors and outdoor clothing.  All trips are day trips so leave your camping gear at home.   Depending on the adventure that you choose, clothing requirements will vary (recommendations will be made in customized packages).  All gear for all activities is supplied.  If you have your own equipment,  you are welcome to bring it though it is not necessary. 


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