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Whitewater Kayaking and Rock Climbing

Allow one to three days to learn the basic skills of kayaking.   The only pre-requisite for paddling is a love for water.  All trips begin with a flat water session on a lake.  Basic skills will be introduced and developed before heading to moving water.   Each trip will be customized per group.   Students will progress to the moving currents of the river when they are comfortable.  The degree of difficulty of rapids will be determined by the guests.  In the Cariboo we have a multitude of scenic rivers to choose from:   whether you want to float down meandering streams or test out your skills in the rapids there is an appropriate river for you.  

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Rock climbing courses consist of top roping techniques only to ensure safety.   Students will learn rope handling skills and how to tie knots.   No experience is necessary.   Each climbing session is customized to suit the needs of the students.  Even if you are afraid of heights we can provide a climbing experience that will allow each student to feel comfortable.

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