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Nechako River

The Nechako River is located west of Prince George.  This large volume river is scattered with numerous islands that create multiple channels.   With a choice of channels this route can be an ideal choice for novice paddlers who want to get a look at impressive rapids without having to commit to actually kayaking in swirly boils and hydraulics. Though the Nechako gives the impression of a powerful river, it is actually very gentle to kayakers.   For more adventurous paddlers, there are many play spots depending on water levels.  The Isle Pierre Rapids consist of large whirl pools.  This incredible phenomenon is easily viewed from the safety of shore. This is a reliable section of river that may be run throughout the entire summer and fall.   When other rivers are too low and rocky the Nechako still has plenty of water.   This trip takes 2-4 hours depending on the length of time spent playing on waves and around the islands.

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