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Cottonwood River

The Cottonwood River is the most versatile river in the local area.  This river has easy Class 1 and Class 2 sections ranging all the way to death defying Class 5 sections in tight narrow unvoidable canyons.  This river has a colourful history dating back to times of the Barkerville Goldrush in the 1850's. 

If you put in the river by the Historic Cottonwood House you will see remains of ancient sluice boxes from the past prospectors.  On this section you will float through scenic canyons and wonderful forests.  It will seem as though you are the only one in the world as you paddle down this wilderness river that is located only minutes from town.   This trip will take 3-5 hours depending on water levels and the sight seeing opportunities.

Another section lower downstream offers a scenic canyon with a fun, little drop called the chute.  This section is mostly Class 1 with several fun Class 2 waves.   Beautiful,  green rocks span along the shores of the put in.  These green rocks create a wonderful wave for surfing at the right water levels.  Further down stream the river is braided by gravel bar that provide great bird viewing.  This short section can be completed in only a few hours, leaving lots of time for warm tea afterwards.

The two middle sections are only for experienced Class 4 paddlers.  Trips are available on these sections upon request.

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