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Blackwater River

Follow the path of early explorer Alexander Mackenzie down the beautiful Blackwater River.  There are several sections on this river to choose from.

Upper Section from Nazko to Gillies Crossing provides ample opportunity to view wildlife, including moose, eagles and black bears.  This scenic part of the river is rated as Class 1 with several easy Class 2 wave sections.  This section is recommended  for new paddlers who are looking for a great day out on the river.   Allow 8 hours for this section, though there is an option to take out about half way down at a cozy little camp site. 

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The Middle Section from Gillies Crossing to the next bridge is an exciting route for intermediate paddlers.  There is some Class 3 drops but mostly the river is easy Class 2 paddling.  There are some fun boulder drops and a beautiful canyon.  In the canyon the river narrows to only a few metres in width.  This section is very long though it is possible to avoid the flat sections at the end by taking out about 20 kilometres down from Gillies crossing. 

The Lower Section from the bridge to the Fraser River is similar to the Middle section.   There are several drops and another spectacular canyon.  Taking out before the canyon allows you to avoid paddling up the Fraser River and escape the bouncy canyon section turning this section into a viable option for strong Class 2 paddlers. 

The Blackwater River is a quiet wilderness river that offers peace and beauty no matter which section you choose.  The river has medium volume characteristics and is runable for most of the summer.  Beginners should avoid the flood season which  is normally in the first part of June, depending on the snowpack and weather.     


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